FRED THE LIONATER


    Height:9 feet long


weight:400 ponds

Skills: Fast,Strong,and Big

Hobbies:MMA,Fish,Run,and I Love to go hunting

What Am I  Enrolling In:France classes,Bodyguard classes,CPR classes

College: Oklahoma University

Resent Jobs:Bass pro shop security,Mall security,and Walmart security

Reference:Michelle Clark,Cody Owens,and Pal Green


Email:[email protected]

Live: in Africa


I need this job really bad so I cam pay my college off,and graduate so I can start saving money to pay for a house to live in. I enjoy being a body guard since I was a little kid, I im very protected. I took a test and my protected instinct was 99% I hope you pick me for this job i wont let you down.

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